Clamp holder for steps and walking gratings V2A

Clamp holder for steps and walking gratings will be mounted on double standing seams of metal-roofs. Suitable for roof pitches up to 40 degrees. To meet the EN – 516 requirements (European standards) you have to make sure, that the distance between each holder is not bigger than 80 cm, resp. 31.5 inches. The clip distance on the sub-construction of the roof, has to comply with the technical rules for the German plumbing trade. The clamp holders have to be mounted on the at least 25mm resp. 0.98 inches high double-standing-seam and only at the areas of the fixing or sliding clips. Older roofs have to be audited before mounting, to check if the double-standing-seams are damaged or if the sub-construction is broken resp. spoiled somehow. It is necessary, that the seams are absolutely intact! Designation according to the expert regulations of the german-plumping-craftsmanship

Art.-No. LA-1652
Type of product Steps and gratings
Material Stainless steel A2
Roof covering
  • Kliptec
  • Snap lock
  • Standing seam
  • Standing seam other
Weight per piece 1,75
VPE 10

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