Sliding clip V2A

Sliding clip for angle and double standing seam. Upper and lower parts are pre-assembled. Attach on the pre-profiled standing seam. Our clips are manufactured according to the technical rules of the German plumbing trade regarding material, strength and design. The special shaping of the upper part of our sliding clips results in a slight clamping effect in the pre-profiled seam, which contributes to the fact that the suspended attachments do not slide downwards. Due to a longer sliding area, suitable for the following sheet lengths till: 12 meters for Titanium-Zinc 14 meters for Copper 16 meters for Stainless steel 16 meters for Zinc-coated steel sheet 11 meters for Aluminium

Art.-No. HA-5360-30
Type of product Clips
Material Stainless steel A2
Roof covering
  • Fixing with nails
  • Standing seam
Weight per piece 0,016
VPE 500

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