Gratings and accessories

To make the most of our range of walking steps, we keep a selection of gratings in stock for you. We also have various fastening and connecting materials. For aluminium gratings, we will be happy to submit you an offer depending on your requirements and dimensions.

As stamped grating on stock:
- Copper
- Galvanised steel

As grating on stock:
- Stainless steel
- Galvanised steel

Galvanised sheet steel grating

Sheet metal punched grating with a width of 250 mm. For fastening, you will receive the appropriate quantity of carriage bolts and flare nuts with our gratings.

Grating connector

Grating connector for longitudinal connection of the sheet metal profile gratings (at the respective joints) to form an endless grating. Available in galvanised steel or stainless steel.

Mounting accessories

Carriage bolt, nut and disc for fixing the gratings to the stainless steel clamp holders.

Stainless steel grating

Illustration of the mounting of gratings on our step holders. The angled support surface must always point in one direction.

Grating Connector

The connector for gratings is required when installing walkways. Here, two connectors are provided at each joint.


Agraffe for fixing gratings on our step holders. Available in stainless steel and galvanised.